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El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is fully aware of the ongoing cyber crimes and as a result want to protect everyone selling on our  website the best way we can from potential cyber fraud or identity theft.
Here are some of the key things to do to stay secured as a  seller or user of the services provided by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.;
We encourage all of our sellers to create a strong password when opening El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers account that contains a mixture of capital & small letters, numbers, a symbol [@^&!$], etc. that has nothing to do with your name. Example “Mr Bush Obamas’ password is “Tsa4Ybn7%“.  Also avoid sharing seller account information with friends, people around when you created your seller account, and try memorizing it. Report with immediate effect to our support team if you suspect your seller account hacked and change your password immediately. However, when calling our support team, please be prepared to answer the security questions you answered when creating your account. This is to make sure you are the genuine account owner.
Sellers should use reliable anti virus software to protect your computer from virus attack. Avoid opening emails suspected to contain virus as these emails may cause harm to your computer and also put you in risk of identity theft where someone request for sensitive information like credit card details or your payment receipts, etc.. 

Lastly, we are faced with the challenge of cyber fraud as mentioned above. We recommend our sellers take special time to review the email sent to you from El-Cuzupa Marketing before responding with your account detail. We encouraged buyers from this website to report suspicious items because we do not allow the selling of stolen items regardless of the cheap selling price. This means stolen items are not allowed to be sold here by any seller. We insist you do not  send money to any buyer who returns an item without successful item delivery. 

If a seller refuses to ship an item he or she posted online and refused to contact the buyer after receiving payment, such seller will face disciplinary action from our disciplinary team and must reimburse the buyer the amount the product sold for plus the shipping fee.  Sellers should contact buyers if your shipment has potential of exceeding the anticipated delivery date to maintain lasting seller/buyer relationship.