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Contacting El-Cuzupa Marketing

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada. El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. gives users the right to sell, buy, & advertise almost anything they wish that is not considered contraband and in any country. We permit sale contracts  between El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. and buyers or affiliated sellers and buyers.
The extent to which you can use our web services is, as described under this
user agreement, privacy policy, with other policies posted on this site by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. This user agreement includes all of our policies both local and international. As a user, you are left with no other option than complying with these policies when using our web services.

Your Account Confidentiality
As a user or customer of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., you have the primary responsibility of protecting your personal account confidentiality i:e limiting the access to your accounts username and password from friends and kids because any activity carried out on or through your account will be considered yours by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. and you agree not the hold the company responsible for any unauthorized usage of your account. However, if you suspect an unauthorized access to your account,  please contact our support team immediately for assistant.  Personal accounts can only be created by individuals of 18 years old and above or we require a legal guardian to review this agreement with anyone below legal age and sign on their behalf. Every purchase under your user account will require you to login using the user ID and password you created when you opened your user account with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc..
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. will keep updating its software manually or automatically with or without  prior notice to users.

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. has a  compulsory fee we charge for the usage of our  web services. However, these fees may change  with time which must be communicated to sellers on our website two weeks in advance.  We may offer special temporary promotions which may or may not be announced ahead of time.

Our service users must have a specific payment method on file when selling at El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. website or added to file prior to next selling date  with all fees and required taxes associated with our services paid in full  come due date.
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.  will charge interest on 
late payments and. Delayed payments up to Nine (9) months will be reported to credit bureaus which may reflect on user credit history. As a service user, you have the right to disagree with the information we release about your account to credit bureaus. However, if you disagree with the information reported by any collection agency regarding your El-Cuzupa Marketing account, by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. please contact our credit department at  127 Wakaw Crescent S7J 4E2 or via email at

You as a user of our service indemnify and hold El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., its affiliates, directors, employees, subsidiaries, agents, joint ventures, etc. associated with “our company”  harmless from any claim or demand including applicable legal fees from claims made by any third party arising out of your violation of this agreement, or your improper use of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. website services, or your infringement of any third party rights.

As a user of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. service, you agree that any disputes or claims in regard to your usage of any product[s], or web service[s] offered by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. will be resolved through binding arbitration instead of employing court services with exception to claims that qualify for small claims court and does not advance to a class, proceedings, or  representative basis.  You agree that the “Federal Arbitration Act” apply to this agreement and disputes between you and El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. must be settled on individual basis.
You agree to allow us to first try resolving the issue with your claim with one (1) month grace period by submitting a clear description of your claim for all disputes pursued either in arbitration or a small claims court to El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. Attn.: Legal Proceeding Section, 600-105 21st St. E, Saskatoon S7J 4E2. Arbitration proceeding can start after the grace period expire and either you or El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. qualify to start this process.

You agree with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. that failure to  pay the assigned charges, with possible interest permitted by this agreement or law on time will give room for a collection agency to act on your account and decide whether or not they will follow up in small claims courts.

Regardless of who starts the arbitration process (El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. or you) must submit  a form seeking arbitration with a clear description of your claim to our agent to start the arbitration process. All disputes will be arbitrated by the Canadian Arbitration Association (CAA). The cost that will be associated with this process (arbitrators fee, filling, etc.) will be covered by the Canadian Arbitration  Act  (CAA) rules except stated in this agreement.

Claims costing between $5,000 to $6,000 (Canadian dollars) or less will be paid by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. if you wish and such request must be submitted only by mail with your request for arbitration inclusive to Canadian Arbitration Act directly while El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. make provision for payment. However,for arbitration proceeds exceeding $6,000 (Canadian dollars), the commercial Arbitration rule of Canada will apply which means the charges  for this process will be paid by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. as obligated by the CAA rule and you will reimburse El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. after this process.  Also in a situation were the arbitrator confirms you as the triumphant party in the arbitration, the charges from attorney and other arbitrator related cost will be paid to you happily unless the claim is flippant in nature and this payment will not be made to you.

Again as a user, you agree to exclude representative or class action regardless of where the proceeding goes i:e through small court or arbitration. Also you agree to defer the right to jury trial in a situation were the case goes to court instead of arbitrator.

Lastly, in a situation where the arbitrator or court rules the claim between you and El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. that the above representative waiver is null, the arbitration agreement will be cleared against you.

Applicable Law
You, as a user of the services provided by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. agree that the applicable federal law, the law of the Saskatchewan province, the Federal Arbitration Act, with no notice to principles of conflict laws will govern this user agreement and subsequent claims that may occur between  you as a user of our service and El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.

Limitation of Liabilities & Disclaimer of warranties
You, as a user of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services agree to, in no scenario hold El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents, directors, and other businesses associated with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. responsible to you or any third party for  any damages that might arise as a result of your usage of, or inability to properly use  El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. product, web services etc. such as lost of profit, reputation, or third party web service associated with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. regardless of heads up notice to potential damages. You also agree that the risk associated with your use of the company’s or affiliated third party web service  such as loss of data, damage to computer software from viruses, the appearance of your item on El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. search results  as clearly written in our item posting section, damages to your computer hardware as a result of your usage of the company web services etc., is your responsibility and not El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.’s. In addition, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. liability to you for damages related to this user agreement for any reason despite the nature of action is restricted to 1) the  amount in question but not go beyond the total fees which you paid to El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. for the service usage in the twelve months prior to the action date. 2) $80.00 and  3) the total amount due under the customer guarantee equalling the price of the item sold with shipping cost and taxes inclusive.

It is important to know some Jurisdictions do not permit the prohibition of damages or disclaimers of warranties for damages, hence, the above limitation is not applicable to you.  However, if the relevant law needs implied warranties in regard to the product, such warrantees are restricted to three months from the purchase time.
Again, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. web services are provided to you “AS, IS” and as accessible.  Based on the permit applicable by law, we expressly decline all warranties regardless of implied or merchant warranties, user agreements with implied warranties of merchantability, non- infringement, precision, and fitness for a special purpose inclusive.

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. will not take responsibility for the products posted or advertised by a third party through this El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. official website. Also, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. will not by any means oversee any transaction between you and third party service provider. Some suppliers provides express warranty for their products. Warranties from suppliers are restricted to you and the supplier and not “you and El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.” and any warranty given to El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. for any product will automatically be transferred to buyers upon purchase of such item.

For  more inquiries, please contact our customer support team by email at support@el-cuzupamarketing  or mail to

Mailing Address

Corporate Office
46 Spadina Avenue 
M5V 2H8,
Toronto, Ontario,

Service Usage
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. would not allow users to post or upload anything forbidden on this site or post products on the wrong category. We expect our users to be of legal ages to sign contracts which is dependent on the province. Example, age 18 or 19 or your account will be suspended from using El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services or site. Our service users are not expected to send or transfer virus to destroy users property or El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. property or use illegal  means to access El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services for any reason. As a seller, you must not fail to deliver any item paid for to the buyer unless in the case of unanticipated strike which must be communicated to the buyer. El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. will not tolerate our users giving consent to personal account and user ID to a third party except permitted by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.
Lastly, as a service user, you cannot use or sell any software, services, clips, etc. belonging to El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. for profit use and this laws,  policies, third party rights, etc. is something you must abide with when using our services.
When you register with us, an email will be sent to your email which must be confirmed to proceed with your account registration. Unconfirmed accounts will be suspended or deleted in most cases.

As stated in El-Cuzupa Marketing
return policy, items returned by a customer belongs to the customer until it is successfully delivered and received  by either the seller, or El-Cuzupa Marketing representative.
Rules governing Posting & Buying
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. expects every buyer and seller on this website to comply with these rules in other to maintain good relationship with us.  “We” want to make buying and selling here safe, fun, and as friendly as possible. It is also important for sellers to know that the display of any item posted on this website will be influenced by some factors such as the web browser, cost of item, buyers geographical location, cost of shipping the item, etc.. Sellers should be precise as possible with their posting description. This responsibility can not be shifted from sellers to El-Cuzupa Marketing.  New items posted by a seller may take few hours (depending on the product category) to appear on this website. It is  important to know any posting on this website that violates our “site user agreement, policies, or outside the permitted product categories will be deleted by El-Cuzupa Marketing with or without contacting the seller. Example; pornographic images posted here will be deleted without contacting the seller.
Anyone buying from our website, prior to buying an item, it is your personal responsibility to clearly review the product details, sellers review, item return policy, etc. before buying. Example: purchasing items like used cars on this website does not guarantee the official transfer of the legal ownership right from the seller to buyer by El-Cuzupa Marketing.

El-Cuzupa Marketing will protect users privacy rights and in no occasion release, loan, or sell users personal information to a third party unless as stated in El-Cuzupa Marketing privacy policy.

International Buying & Selling
El-Cuzupa Marketing as a company operating on a global scale have majority of its services available to both local and international buyers & sellers. El-Cuzupa Marketing offer tools like currency converter, international shipping cost catalogue for our web service users to facilitate international buying & selling.  However using these tools is completely optional for buyers & sellers using our web services. Our website service will include a language translator to help explain sellers product details  to other languages were necessary.

Copy Rights
The information contained on this “website” is protected by both “Canadian and international” copyrights law, intellectual property rights and trade names use. The information you see here is solely owned by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. and can only be used with permission from El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. which include but are not limited to the images, pictures, text, logos, designs, data compilations, slogans, suppliers contents, and every other information on this website with the website development software inclusive.
The information contained on this website is used for promotion and can only be used for a non-profit or commercial purpose by a third party. However, using this information for any non-profit or commercial purpose does not automatically land you a legal owner status.

The Logo C intercepting the E, and M below, on a gold colored globe, the slogan “Be Your Boss” and the name El-Cuzupa Marketing & El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., both registered and unregistered are seen as El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. trading names and should not be duplicated for any profit use.
All rights reserved by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., you are restricted from adding, deleting, selling, displaying, distributing, or rewriting any of the information[s] contained on this “website” except with express permission from El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc..

Copy Rights Claim
If “you” as an individual[s] or company believe that El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. have duplicated your work and as a result violated your property ownership right, Please submit  the following documents for our legal department for review to the designated address below or to by email.

A physical  signature of the person authorized to act in place of the owner or owners (if more than one person) of the property right allegedly infringed or an electronic copy of signature.
A detailed description of the copyrighted work and  the location of the infringed material posted on El-cuzupa Marketing Inc. website for easy access.
“Your” phone number[s], [both] email address, and [both] home/ office address
A statement from you with conviction that the alleged copyright is not authorized by the copyright owner[s], law, or an agent
A statement by “you” the complaint  made under penalty of perjury, that the acclaimed information is precise and you are the copyright owner[s] or individual authorized to act in place of the owner[s].

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. designated copyright agent contact below

Copyright Agent
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. Canada Legal department
600, 105-21st St E, Saskatoon, SK
Phone 306 715 5189
Fax  306 715 5199
Email: c
Attn: Legal Department

Licence Overview
In addition to our user agreement, and the posting cost, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. gives users the legal right although not-transferable rights to use,  for “non-commercial purpose” of our web services. This licence however excludes the commercial use of our services or El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. pricing, product posting, etc. strategy. El-Cuzupa Marketing forbids  the act of downloading or copying of account information for sale to other businesses or sellers. This licence excludes the  right to use data withdrawal tools like robots on El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. website. All legal rights not granted to you in this El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. user agreement  or any of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. service policies, are private and kept  for corporate or affiliated business use only.    

El-Cuzupa Markeing Inc. will not accept the reproduction or selling of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services without authorization with signature inclusive  from El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. management representative. El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. requires authorization with signature inclusive from us to you otherwise, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ban you from  fabricating new ways of using our  trade name, or other sensitive information’s like our Logo, text, photos, design, etc. on this website. El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ban the use of secret text, image, etc. exploiting El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. corporate name or trading name without authorization with signature from El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. management representative. Your right to use El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services is restricted to its user agreement and other policies as contained  here. Using El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. services the wrong way “as not stated here” can lead to account suspension or termination in extreme case.

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. Headquarters
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.
46 Spadina Avenue (Suite 400)
M5V 2H8,

Toronto, ON

El-Cuzupa Store type
El-Cuzupa Marketing has four different store types for sellers to pick from. Each store has some features different from the other. We have Bronze Store, Silver Store, Gold Store, and Diamond Store for sellers to chose from.
Bronze Store 
Bronze  Sore gives sellers room to post a maximum of 50 items per month. Learn more about bronze store features here.  

Silver Store 
Sliver Store gives sellers room to post a maximum of 300 items per month. Learn more about silver store features here.

Gold Store 
Gold Store gives sellers room to post a maximum of 1,100 items per month. Learn more about gold store features here.

Diamond Store 
Diamond Store gives sellers room to post a maximum of 2,000 items per month. Learn more about diamond store features here.

Note: These charges affiliated with our various stores are non-
refundable, and non-transferable to other El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers. Payments are expected to be made before or on the due date which is 30 days from your invoice date. Also late payment fee of 1.8% will be charged on late payments once it exceeds this duration of 30 days and another 1.8% if it exceed 60 days  for all sellers. Also know that your account will be suspended if you do not  pay for 90 days which may lead to other penalties.

Contacting El-Cuzupa Marketing

For questions and inquiries, please contact our customer support team at