Can I get free shipping ?
Yes. some sellers offer free shipping  for certain items.

What shipping options do I have ?
All sellers can ship using DHL, FedEx, Purolator, UPS, China Post and other shipping methods approved by El-Cuzupa Marketing.

How long does shipping take ?
Shipped items arrive fairly quick depending on the region. It also depends on the carrier, and the buyer shipping preference like express or regular shipping. Please check our shipping service for more information on shipping.

Do El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ship internationally?
Yes. El-Cuzupa Marketing ships internationally to all countries and provinces except to places without postal code.

What if I am not sure of the shipping address ?
We encourage you ship to confirmed address to eliminate the risk of buyers not receiving their item. However, buyers are covered under the buyer protection guarantee we offer. This means  buyers will be refunded the money  unless the seller communicates with the buyer.

What is the best way to ship item so it does not get damaged  on the way ?
To prevent item damage, use a good box  that has space to attach foam, paper, or bubble wrap to prevent direct impact on item if it hits a stronger object. Use a quality tape (preferably 2 inches wide brown tape) to seal the box.  It is sellers responsibility to make sure the item to be shipped is properly packaged before shipping.

How Do I track my order ?
Every shipment have a tracking number. Go to track my order to see your orders stage.