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What & how to sell

Increasing sales





What & how to sell

El-Cuzupa Marketing allows sellers to sell various product categories on this website. Product categories include; Nutrition, Health & beauty, Home & Garden, Fashion, Music & Sound, Bed & Bath, Sports, Books & Office supplies, etc.

Sellers should use this selling tips to post items for sale here.

  • Take a great photo of the item you are about to post, describe it as much as possible and post it on your store.
  • Wait for item to sell and ship it as soon as possible to the buyer once you get payment notification. Give buyers tracking number to track their item
  • Once item is successfully delivered, your money will be transferred to you as soon as practical.


Increasing sales

To increase sales, we encourage sellers to have various colours for items, flavours, sizes, etc.

Sellers should offer sales specials to buyers and give out coupons

Offer conditional free shipping when necessary

Use good camera to take good images

Get good feedback from  buyers who purchase from your store

Offer competitive prices and

Have a good return policy

Always focus on quality over quantity. Quality of product, service, images, etc..

Always check your sales performance on your sales dash board



Shipping Practices

El-Cuzupa Marketing have a great shipping practice available for sellers on this website. We would encourage sellers to offer free shipping to buyers or conditional free shipping for example, free shipping for orders over $150.00. Most buyers hate to pay for free shipping. also, have shipping options for buyers to pick from.

When shipping an item, please try and provide the buyers with item tracking numbers because most buyers feel confident about receiving the order when they are able to track it.

To learn more about shipping practice, please visit shipping services.



This is the gate way to gaining other buyers trust. To keep good feedback,

  • Describe your item as it is.
  • Ship fast and provide tracking number.

If this is properly done and maintained, sellers should be sure of getting a positive review or feedback.


Webinars are great tools El-Cuzupa Marketing uses to keep sellers up to date with the latest trends, selling tools, etc..