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Why Sell at El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.

El-Cuzupa Marketing has incorporated the use of secured socket locker (SSL), a third party website protection service to secure the information on this website.
The world is swiftly changing as more people are becoming busier lately. Majority of the participants from a survey conducted by our survey crew said “they prefer getting their goods shipped to them instead of spending 2-3 hours a day shopping in a designated corner store”.
El-Cuzupa Marketing offers
buyer protection and seller protection to help protect our service users.

Our buyers enjoy using our Gift Cards & El-Cuzupa Rewards Card because it gives them shopping points and air miles points each time they make purchase on
Selling is made easy at El-Cuzupa Marketing through our sellers support system and by following the guidelines on the El-Selling Academy courses.

Regardless of the quantity of items you have, there’s always a room for your items and also depending on the posting method, we may not charge customers right away.
We charge less and you gain access to millions of product users across the globe.

How El-Cuzupa protect sellers

As mentioned above, we have incorporated the use of secured socket locker (SSL), a third party website protection service to secure the information on this website.
El-Cuzupa Marketing has a good transaction monitoring system that secures and watches over every transaction[s] carried out on this website. El-Cuzupa Marketing as a company assure sellers to sell with confidence despite the fact that in every community, (both online and offline) always have one or two rule violators. Our seller security team along with our disciplinary team work hand in hand to protect, (and investigate were necessary) all transaction on this website and sanction customers that violate any of our company policies or site user agreement.

El-Cuzupa Marketing security team keep watching over suspected transaction until we feel confident enough to set back. We are committed to helping every seller succeed here to the point were we take special time to review what buyers and other customers talk about our web services and feedbacks given to El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers, then we make amendment were necessary to keep everyone dealing with us either directly or indirectly happy while shopping with us.

El-Cuzupa Marketing also support sellers by creating, and updating courses offered by the El- Selling Academy to help everyone selling with us achieve success in their El-Cuzupa Marketing business. We recommend sellers take the rest of the courses designed by El-Selling Academy to improve their selling skills.

Lastly, signing up for a seller webinar will be a great way to access our latest news on selling trends, tools, and also get to know the latest technological features we acquired to improve selling experience in

Keeping Your Customers
To keep your customers loyal, we recommend you add quality, multiple images of what you are selling. Also make sure you don’t run out of product inventory to facilitate the shipping of purchased items.
Describe your product exactly the way it is (New or Fairly used). Adding a high quality product  image and delivering a low quality product  is  #1 reason a customer won’t buy or recommend your  store to someone else. We recommend you outline the damages (dents, scratches, incomplete parts, etc.) on the item if it is a fairly used item to prevent getting poor seller rating.
Customers like to shop more from sellers who offer free shipping option or express shipping for items with a reasonable return acceptance date.  Example; 2 to 4 weeks duration and a tracking detail. If there will be cost associated with the shipping, it will be clever to include the cost and the shipping agent available with the accepted  payment method.
Lastly, some sellers who have items they intend to sell only in some region or provinces should be specific with this to avoid an international buyer purchasing items you only plan shipping within a province or country.

El-Cuzupa Marketing Payment Policy
At El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., we give our customers great  payment options and we expect anyone selling here to abide with this payment options.
Customers can pay using either Visa card, MasterCard, PayPal, El-Cuzupa Marketing Gift card, El-Cuzupa Marketing Reward card, Pre-Authorized debit, Debit Visa.
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.  would not accept money sent through mail, Western Union, or Money Gram.  If you have to mail a check,  send a wire transfer, Money orders, and other payment options not mentioned here, please contact our customer support first, for approval.
El-Cuzupa Marketing will not tolerate preferential payment method to different customers. Example; accepting Visa payment for some buyers and not for other buyers. We would not tolerate sellers taking payments outside the listed payment methods except in
countries we permit other payment options.
We strongly encourage sellers not to list other payment methods for buyers to maintain a good relationship with El-Cuzupa Marketing.

How To Report a Buyer
Some buyers enjoy giving poor feedbacks, return items after the acceptable return date, etc.. Once you start noticing these behaviours, we encourage sellers to report these buyers to our disciplinary team instead of responding with poor comment. The disciplinary team will do their best to resolve the problem as soon as they can and get in touch with the seller.

Sellers can contact the disciplinary team by email at  or send  an official statement outlining the complaint, buyers account number, or contact information by mail to 46 Spadina Avenue, M5V 2H8, Toronto, ON.

Sellers should have in mind that communication is the key to maintaining lasting relationship with customers. Communicating the details of your items by words or clear photographs, your shipping method & tracking information, return policy, etc. will play a major role in assisting buyers  to make a wise buying decision. 

Making Your Product Visible To Customers

When listing your item on this platform, we recommend every seller to give a detailed item description with the continent of the product, list of countries using the products, names related to the country using the product such as; Mexico & Mexica, Latin American/Caribbean product, content of the product or materials used in making the products.

Proper description of the product/item is very vital for buyers to search item with ease. 

El-Cuzupa Marketing Selling Policy
We encourage sellers to go through what we allow and what we do not allow to be sold on our website because going contrary to the rules may result in item removal or account suspension in extreme cases like selling pornographic images.
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. allows sellers to sell products within the following product line categories ; Nutrition (International foods inclusive), Health & Beauty, Bed & Bath, Used cars & Auto parts accessories, Books & Office supplies, Electronics & Video games, Fashion, Sports & Outdoors, Home Décor & Lifestyle, Toys, Real Estates etc..                  
We do not permit the sale of alcohol or liquor, weed, syringes, and other harmful drugs like opium on this website in any place were the selling of these drugs are illegal. Alcohol processing materials and cigarette wrapping papers can be sold here.
To sell other products not listed on the product line category, the product seller must contact us to seek approval even if the product is an ant.

Seller Safety
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is fully aware of the ongoing cyber crimes and as a result want to protect everyone selling on our  website the best way we can from potential cyber fraud or identity theft.
Here are some of the key things to do to stay secured as a  seller or user of the services provided by El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.;
We encourage all of our sellers to create a strong password when opening El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers account that contains a mixture of capital & small letters, numbers, a symbol [@^&!$], etc. that has nothing to do with your name. Example “Mr Bush Obamas’ password is “Tsa4Ybn7%“.  Also avoid sharing seller account information with friends, people around when you created your seller account, and try memorizing it. Report with immediate effect to our support team if you suspect your seller account hacked and change your password immediately. However, when calling our support team, please be prepared to answer the security questions you answered when creating your account. This is to make sure you are the genuine account owner.
Sellers should use reliable anti virus software to protect your computer from virus attack. Avoid opening emails suspected to contain virus as these emails may cause harm to your computer and also put you in risk of identity theft where someone request for sensitive information like credit card details or your payment receipts, etc.. 

Lastly, we are faced with the challenge of cyber fraud as mentioned above. We recommend our sellers take special time to review the email sent to you from El-Cuzupa Marketing before responding with your account detail. We encouraged buyers from this website to report suspicious items because we do not allow the selling of stolen items regardless of the cheap selling price. This means stolen items are not allowed to be sold here by any seller. We insist you do not  send money to any buyer who returns an item without successful item delivery. 

If a seller refuses to ship an item he or she posted online and refused to contact the buyer after receiving payment, such seller will face disciplinary action from our disciplinary team and must reimburse the buyer the amount the product sold for plus the shipping fee.  Sellers should contact buyers if your shipment has potential of exceeding the anticipated delivery date to maintain lasting seller/buyer relationship.

Accepting Return
When buyers starts shopping at your store, they check the seller return policy before making payments  for the item. As a seller, adding a return policy that gives buyers a reasonable time limit e.g. 30-50 days to return an item is a major key for most buyers to buy from you. Sellers should have a good return policy that can easily be understood by a 9 years old child and outline the  conditions  required for an item to be returned. Foe example, Franks item return condition include;  item must not be used by buyer, item must not be opened from original package, etc.. 
On the return policy, a seller can include “seller paying  the return shipping fee” to give buyers confidence when buying and always have in mind that about 96% of online buyers do not return items after delivery.

Sellers can also include an outlined guide to safely return the item  on the return policy for buyers returning the item.
Make return policy as brief and explanatory as possible because only few buyers have that luxury of time to read long policies.
For sellers who go with “no return accepted”, make sure your item matches the item description on the page to avoid being subjected to disciplinary action if a buyer reports  the item wrongly described by seller.
Lastly, we permit sellers not to carry out any form of reimbursement until the returned item is  successfully received and meets the conditions you listed on your policy.

 Sellers FAQS

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Return Policy
Some buyers return product after delivery for various reasons. A buyer may decide to return an item when the description does not match the actual item delivered, or when items “for example” electronics does not work properly.

Every seller using El-Cuzupa Marketing web services must have a return policy added to his or her posting. For sellers who do not accept return, please write “Returns are not accepted” on your return policy page. 
Sellers who do not accept item return should have in mind most buyers would avoid buying from your store because of your “no return policy”.

For sellers wondering how often buyers return item after purchase; about 96 percent of online buyers do not return items to sellers after purchase.
When writing your store return policy, please be specific and describe in a language everyone including a 9 years old child can understand. Return policies should have a time limit for exchange and refund. Keeping return time longer than 2 weeks gives buyers more confidence when purchasing from a seller and also sellers should include all conditions that must be met for items to be accepted as return from a buyer.

The choice of who will pay the shipping fee for any item returned by a buyer will be decided by the seller. Also keeping an inventory of your product as a seller makes it easier for exchange to take place.

Returning items bought overseas may require extra import duties, taxes, or custom related charges and take longer time for the process to finish. Please specify this international shipping processes on your return policy for buyers.
Every item returned by a buyer belongs to the buyer until it is successfully delivered and received by the seller or El-cuzupa Marketing representative.

Visit accepting return to learn how  sellers return policy affects buyers behaviour.

 Sellers Return Policy FAQs

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We recommend every seller here to take our selling courses from the El-Selling Academy.