How much I’m I charged to sell on El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ?
Selling at El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is charged depending on the nature of your product and the quantity you will be posting. Example, Selling as an individual or business and also if you are posting as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum posting.
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. charges when you post an item and the charge is not fixed for all item. We also charge extra for extra features on your posting like adding more images. Lastly, We charge certain percentage of the total selling price and it also depends on the product sold.

What payment options do I have ?
Upon registry with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., for businesses  you set up a reliable payment method for service charges. At El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., we accept payments from credit cards, Pre-Authorized Debit & Visa Debit “for Canadian bank accounts”, El-Cuzupa Gift card, cheques for businesses “this may take two business weeks to go through”, El-Cuzupa Marketing Reward Card. Note that El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. do not accept cash sent through mail, MoneyGram, or Western Union. Check El-Cuzupa Marketing payment policy.

How Do I question my bill ?
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. sends sellers bill come month end with a detailed list of account activities. If your bill statement isn’t what  our billing team sent, you can contact our billing team at which must contain your account details for easy identification. One of our billing team member will call you within two business days.

Why did my payment fail ?
Buyers payment may decline for reasons like; insufficient funds on  the card, placing wrong security code, card limit exceeded, Verification failure by bank. Please  check your card balance before purchase to avoid  exceeding your card limit.

What Can I sell as a business account user ?
As a business account holder, you are eligible to sell the following items on El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. website:   Nutrition & Kitchen (International foods inclusive), Health & Beauty, Bed & Bath, Cars & Auto parts accessories, Books & Office supplies, Electronics & Video games, Fashion, Sports & Outdoors, Home Décor & Garden, Toys & Kids, Real Estates, Musical Instruments & Sound, Gift Cards & Lifestyle, Electricity & Home Improvement, Computers, Phones & Accessories, etc.  and others not listed that must be approved by El-Cuzupa Marketing website. Visit El-Cuzupa Forbid page to see what you are not eligible to post or sell.

What Can I sell as an individual account user ?
As an individual account holder, you are eligible to sell the following items on El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. website: Car accessories, Home , Garden, Electronics, Fashion, books ( new & used), Toys & games, personal computers, Baby apparel, unlocked cell phones, Video games, etc..

How do I chek my account balance ?
Go to Check my account balance and fill in the required information.

How do I receive my payment ?
It is simple. We transfer money to your account once a buyer purchse from your store.