El-Cuzupa Marketing has incorporated the use of secured socket locker (SSL), a third party website protection service to secure the information on this website.
El-Cuzupa Marketing has a good transaction monitoring system that secures and watches over every transaction[s] carried out on this website. El-Cuzupa Marketing as a company assure sellers to sell with confidence despite the fact that every community (both online and offline), always have one or two rule violators. Our seller security team along with our disciplinary team work hand in hand to protect, (and investigate were necessary) all transaction and sanction customers that violate any of our company policies or site user agreement.

El-Cuzupa Marketing security team keep watching over suspected transaction until we feel confident enough to set back. We are committed to helping every seller succeed here to the point were we take special time to review what buyers and other customers talk about our web services and feedbacks given to El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers, then we make amendment were necessary to keep everyone dealing with us either directly or indirectly happy while shopping with us.

El-Cuzupa Marketing also support sellers by creating, and updating courses offered by the El- Selling Academy to help everyone selling with us to achieve success in their El-Cuzupa Marketing business. We recommend sellers take the rest of the courses designed by El-Selling Academy to improve their selling skills.

Lastly, signing up for a webinar will be a great way to access our latest news on selling trends, tools,and get to know the latest technological features we acquired to improve selling experience in el-cuzupamarketing.com.