What is El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. policy on return ?
Our sellers accept returns. When you buy an item, always check the return policy for the items you are about to purchase because  the seller may specify “no return accepted”. For customers not satisfied with their order,  please contact our return team at return@el-cuzupamarketing.com for assistant.

How long does it take to receive new item after return ?
Not too long. Soon as we receive your returned order, our return department will do its best to find a better item for you if you do not seek reimbursement.

Can I return items I bought on sales ?
Most sellers usually do not accept return for items bought on sales. However, check the item return policy to avoid assumption.

I broke the item I’m about to return. Can I still return it?
No. Items broken after successful delivery can not be returned for cashback or exchange.

Who pays the return shipping fee ?
Some sellers accept to pay the shipping cost while some expect the buyer to pay.