payment Solution
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc., offer customers easy  store payment options and plan. El-Cuzupa Marketing expect of anyone selling here to stick with this payment options.

Customers can pay using either Visa card, MasterCard, PayPal, El-Cuzupa Marketing Gift card, El-Cuzupa Marketing Reward card, Pre-Authorized debit, Debit Visa.

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.  would not accept money sent through mail, Western Union, MoneyGram.  If you have to mail a check, send a wire transfer, Money orders, and other payment options not mentioned here; you must contact our customer service first for approval.

El-Cuzupa Marketing discourage any form of seller preferential payments to different customers. Example accepting Visa for someone and not for others. We won’t tolerate sellers taking payments outside the listed payment methods except in
countries we permit other payment options.
We strongly encourage you don’t list other payment methods for buyers except you need your account suspended.