Non-Discriminatory Employment Policy


Human hands showing unity

El-Cuzupa Marketing is a huge supporter of diversity. This is as a result of our observation; that people become better citizens of any society once they rule out discrimination of any kind from their day to day living.
El-Cuzupa Marketing stand against  employee discrimination based on age, eye or skin colour, religious affiliation,  nationality, sexual orientation,  mental & physical disability, immigration status, gender, accent, etc. except it is approved by the Federal, Provincial or city law.

At El-Cuzupa Marketing, there is a zero tolerance for harassment. Employees can not ” physically, sexually, religiously, etc.” harass fellow employees or affiliated business partners for any reason.

We are committed to protecting both male and female rights. El-Cuzupa Marketing is completely against statements that can be considered racially or verbally abusive to others. Employees who think they have been harassed by another employee[s];  retaliation is not permitted but reporting to the disciplinary committee  is the gateway to resolving the problem. 

To report an employee who violated your right, please email  the details of the harassment  with location and name of the employee inclusive to investigate and decide what action to unleash on the employee.

This policy is mandatory for everyone associated with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. and must be adhered to.