How does the El-Cuzupa Marketing store work ?
It is very simple!
Create your account regardless of the selling method i:e
 individual or business with a defined payment method. Go to create my store to start selling.

Do I need a store ?
Yes. Having a well customized store helps you add every item you have to one niche and helps buyers  identify the source of the gold on El-Cuzupa Marketing site.

I need to purse my service use or end my contract. What  should I do ?
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. contracts last for a minimum of one month except you want to forfeit your  already paid fee. To conceal, contact our support team and they will be happy to help you via email or by phone. Our customer support team will request you answer some security questions to prove your authenticity if you cancel by phone.

I am a business seller; how do I change to Individual seller ?
As a business seller, you can adjust your account to individual seller from account setting. However, you will lose the benefits
business sellers have over individual sellers.

Why did my payment fail ?
Buyers payment may decline for reasons like; insufficient funds on  the card, placing wrong security code, card limit exceeded, Verification failure by bank. Please  check your card balance before purchase to avoid  exceeding your card limit.