Gold Store

Gold Store has the second largest store size among the four store options at El-Cuzupa Marketing. Sellers using Gold Store will be entitled to posting a maximum of 1,100 items per month. Three forms of subscription is available for Gold store sellers;

Monthly subscription = $120.00 per month

Six-Months subscription = $100.00 per month

Annual subscription = $90.00 per month

Features of  Gold Store

  • Unlimited item  page view from buyers
  • Sellers can tag other items in their store
  • Item[s] from seller store will be featured on the website home page
  • This plan allows for a maximum of 1,100 items per month
  • Gold Store is available for both individual and business sellers.

Below is option from other stores, and the commission per item catalogue

Store type Monthly subscription Half-year subscription Yearly subscription
Bronze $10/month $5.00/month $0.00/month
Silver $70/month $60/month $50/month
Gold $120/month $100/month $90/month
Diamond $200/month $180/month $150/month

Commission charged per item catalogue

Product categories Overall value charge
Musical Instruments & Culture, Kitchen accessories 6.9% of overall sales value
Books. DVDs, movies, video games/video game cd’s 9% of overall sales value
Fashion, home décor, Garden and sports/outdoors 9% of overall sales value
Bed & bath, toys & kids 8% of overall sales value
Health & beauty, office supplies except “books” 7.9% of overall sales value
All nutrition 6% of overall sales value