What is El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ?
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is a Canada based ethnic product retailer headquartered in Saskatoon. We are dedicated to bringing the comfort of home to foreigners regardless of geographical location.
El-Cuzupa Marketing was incorporated in 2014 and launched in 2015. El-Cuzupa Marketing retails ethnic products for various ethnic groups across the globe. Notable retail categories includes, but not limited to; Fashion, Nutrition & Kitchen, Health & Beauty, Bed & Bath, Sports & Outdoors, Home Decor & Garden, Music & Culture, Toys & Kids, etc..
El-Cuzupa Marketing creates a marketplace to sell, buy, and advertise ethnic products to the global consumers.

What is the story behind the name El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ?
Since El-Cuzupa Marketing is creating a diversified, “All in one Store”; we figured out once the door is opened for the public, it will be mighty in nature. “El” is a Hebrew word for mighty, power, etc. “Cuzupa” is a word we coined for store. “mighty store”.

How do I become my Boss! ?
By selling the quality products using el-cuzupa marketing.com.

Who is El-Cuzupa Marketing customer ?
Anyone across the globe that sells, buys, or advertises using El-Cuzupa Marketing website.

Where is the Headquarter of El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

How do I connect with El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc.  ?
Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email (get our ongoing promotion and discounts), our website, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc..

How do I know of the ongoing promo ?
Sign up for mail chimp at the bottom right where the social media links are. Also visit our Facebook page, Twitter, etc..

Is El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. a private or public company ?
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is a private company.

How can I work for El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. ?
Visit our career  center page to see jobs you can apply for and create a profile. Our Human Resource department member will contact you once the available job  matches your profile. Also you can contact our customer support team via email at support@el-cuzupamarketing.com for job opening.