El-Cuzupa Vendor Agreement

International Selling 
El-Cuzupa Marketing has made its website services, and some of the tools accessible to international buyers and sellers. El-Cuzupa has added certain tools for sellers to make selling globally easy. some of these tools include El-Cuzupa currency converter, global shipping calculation, etc..  Sellers are eligible to sell on a global scale. Sellers not willing to sell globally must indicate it on their site  buy excluding international shipping option to make sure people can’t buy from other countries. Anyone selling internationally must abide with the international selling rules. 

Sellers selling on a global scale must ship items to international buyers if they purchase from your store. 
El-Cuzupa Marketing will use the information given to us by sellers to translate them to other languages. However, El-Cuzupa Marketing must not be held responsible for any error in translation of information to other languages.
El-Cuzupa Marketing Money Back Guarantee
We expect every transaction here to go smoothly. However, El-Cuzupa Marketing understands that in every buying and selling community, there is bound to be occasional problem between buyers and sellers. El-Cuzupa Marketing money back guarantee will be the solution to resolving this issue.
As a seller on this website, you authorize us to act on your behalf if you have to reimburse a buyer or El-Cuzupa Marketing money for purchase not delivered or out of stock using the currency of payment. Sellers also authorize us to add any reimbursement to his or her invoice and add this charges to the payment method you have on file.

You agree to pay the return shipping fee for any item not matching the sellers description. If you use El-Cuzupa Marketing return shipping label, you give us the right to charge your account for this return. 
This guarantee is subjected to change or suspended when misused by sellers.  Also, the use of this guarantee is subjected to sellers performance and history.
Sellers Information Privacy
El-Cuzupa Marketing will in no occasion sell, loan, or give your information on this website to any third party for any commercial purpose without a direct consent from seller. The information given to us will only be used as described in our privacy policy

We rely on the information given to us and we expect this information to be your real information. El-Cuzupa Marketing place a high importance in keeping your information private. We use strong secure socket lockers (SSL)  from a third parties to verify and keep our site security tight.
Seller agree to have properly read our privacy policy here, and you are comfortable with this policy.
El-Cuzupa Marketing may give sellers information belonging to other users on this website. You agree to use this information for the sole purpose it was given and must not be loaned, sold, or used for any commercial activity to a third party. 
El-Cuzupa Stores and Charges
El-Cuzupa Marketing have 4 store types to enable sellers chose the one that best suits their need. You agree to stick with the rules governing this store use, associated charges, and never to use outside technology to increase the store capacity.
You agree to be charged the following percentage as listed on the table below for each item that sells on this website. 
Store type Monthly subscription Six-Months subscription Yearly subscription
Bronze $10/month $7.00/month $5.00/month
Silver $70/month $60/month $50/month
Gold $120/month $100/month $90/month
Diamond $160/month $130/month $100/month

Commission Charged per item

Product categories Overall value charge
Musical Instruments & Sound, Kitchen accessories 6.9% of overall sales value
Books. DVDs, movies, video games/video game cd’s 9% of overall sales value
Fashion, home décor, Garden, Arts, sports/outdoors 9% of overall sales value
Bed & bath, toys & kids, 8% of overall sales value
Health & beauty accessories, miscellaneous 7.9% of overall sales value
All nutrition 6% of overall sales value
 The El-Cuzupa Store types include: Bronze Store, Silver Store, Gold Store, and Diamond Store.
You also agree that El-Cuzupa will not charge commission on items not yet sold  but available in seller store. You agree that failure to renew your subscription as at when due will result in account suspension until amount fully paid.
You agree to be charged interest on any outstanding balance over a 30 day period and account taken to a collections after nine (9) months of no payment.
you agree to use the payment method stated here for accepting payment from buyers and also to pay El-Cuzupa Marketing.  
Consent to Record our calls and Email
El-Cuzupa Marketing will be giving sellers calls or messages when necessary using the phone number and email address provided to us on your seller account. This calls may occur for;
Dispute resolution, Debt collection, Account notice, When we have promotions and offers, during surveys, etc. 
You agree to authorize El-Cuzupa Marketing to give your phone number to other parties like our collections and billing agencies for any of the above listed reasons only.  
Lastly, you consent us to record calls to you for training purposes and quality control. 
Contacting El-Cuzupa Marketing
We are always available to be contacted by sellers at anytime. Sellers can report any policy violation, offensive site content, etc. by email at support@el-cuzupamarketing.com or by phone at 778-775-4866. Sellers can also mail us at 
46 Spadina Avenue,
M5V 2H8
Toronto, ON.
Please take advantage of the courses provided by El-Selling Academy to improve your selling skills and sell to more people.
Lastly, you also agree to have read and understood our privacy policy and User Agreement.