Course Outline

Introduction to El-Cuzupa Marketing

  • What is El-Cuzupa Marketing
  • El-Cuzupa duty to the world
  • El-Cuzupa customers and countries
  • How we support our community

El-Cuzupa Stores

  • El-Cuzupa Store types
  • Creating your El-Cuzupa store
  • Running your El-Cuzupa store
  • Promoting your El-Cuzupa store
  • Customer feedback

Why Everyone should sell using El-Cuzupa Marketing

  •  We protect sellers
  • Make selling easy 


Introduction to El-Cuzupa Marketing

What is El-Cuzupa Marketing
El-Cuzupa Marketing is a company that believe in culture preservation. We strongly want to see a world were culture is constantly passed on from generation to generation which includes; the food, cultural attires,  fashion, etc. El-Cuzupa Marketing exist to bring the comfort of home to foreigners regardless of location.
El-Cuzupa Marketing was incorporated in July 2014 in Saskatoon, Canada. El-Cuzupa Marketing has gained a good reputation for retailing ethnic products from various nationalities across the globe.

Notable among El-Cuzupa Marketing retail categories includes; but not limited to; Fashion, Nutrition, Health & Beauty, Bed & Bath, Books & Office supplies, Home Decor & Garden, Music & Culture, Toys & Kids, etc..
El-Cuzupa Marketing is a marketplace where ethnic product sellers meet ethnic product buyers. Everyone is welcomed to register with us, and  sell, buy, or advertise ethnic products to the global consumers through us.

El-Cuzupa duty to the world
El-Cuzupa Marketing strongly believe that we’ve been called to bring the comfort of home to foreign nationals regardless of their new location. We are committed to making available, to the global consumers a diversified & reliable “All in One” ethnic product retail store for easy buying and selling.

El-Cuzupa customers and countries

El-Cuzupa Marketing customers include everyone eligible to buy and sell online.  Satisfying foreigners needs in any country is our job.  This means everyone is a customer of El-Cuzupa Marketing depending on your location.

El-Cuzupa Marketing started in Canada, and we are gradually expanding across North America and Europe.

El-Cuzupa Marketing is a huge supporter of community services. We give room for our sellers to donate to any charity of their choice.

We use feedback received from site users to improve our services. we prioritize customer satisfaction over profit here at El-Cuzupa Marketing.


How we support our community

El-Cuzupa has made it possible for sellers to freely donate to causes or charity organization they care about. We also show our support to our local events when we can.

El-Cuzupa Marketing is a huge supporter of community services. We give room for our sellers to donate to any charity of their choice.

We use feedback received from site users to improve our services. we prioritize customer satisfaction over profit here at El-Cuzupa Marketing.



El-Cuzupa Stores

El-Cuzupa Store types

El-Cuzupa Marketing has four types of stores for sellers to chose from. We have the Bronze store, Silver Store, Gold store, and Diamond store as illustrated on the diagram below.


Creating your El-Cuzupa Store

El-Cuzupa Marketing made creating of stores as easy as possible. All you need to do is to sign up as a vendor. Once you get into the page, you can edit and fill out your information then chose your store type. Sellers can use the store type template that we provide or customize it without adding any technology that isn’t provided by El-Cuzupa Marketing.

We have a great system that enables sellers to know their daily sales, track sales record, calculate shipping based on distance, and geographical location.

We strongly encourage sellers to give proper description of who they are, and what they sell. This is very important as most customers make buying decision based on what your store biography says about your store. Sellers should add their social media pages to their stores. This will enable buyers to follow your store and know all the latest collections you have. This also makes it easier for buyers to recommend your store to others.

Running your El-Cuzupa Store

Running a store with El-Cuzupa Marketing is not as challenging as it may sound. Our team provide all the necessary tools and support sellers need to improve their sales and become successful sellers on El-Cuzupa Marketing. We also provide webinars on how to run your store, keeping up with sales target, etc. to sellers who sign up for them.

when pricing item, we advice sellers use competitive pricing strategy. Comparing your item price with other sellers keeps sellers on track with the latest price for that item. Tagging other products in your store when posting a new item is a sure way of promoting your store contents to buyers.

Create a social media page for your store which should include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, Pinterest, etc. and add it to your store profile. Selling is easier when buyers notice every new item you post on your store through social media.

Promoting your El-Cuzupa Store

This section is properly explained in Social Media 108. We recommend sellers take this course (Social Media 108) to improve their selling skills through social media.

Business is all about promotion. Sellers store can only be noticed when properly promoted. Stores can be promoted within El-Cuzupa Marketing website, on social media, and lastly through search engine optimization on Google and other search engines. Promotion within the website (El-Cuzupa Marketing ) is very important because it gives buyers the confidence to buy from your store. This promotion method starts with sellers giving their store the best description they can with a detailed explanation of what they sell, item return policy, shipping region, etc. Adding to seller store description is sellers description. describe yourself to enable buyers feel safe when buying. This doesn’t mean all buyers check this details before making purchase although some do.

Picture quality has a lot to do with buyers purchasing decision. It is said “a picture worth a thousand word”. That been said, we encourage sellers to add quality images to their items. If there’s a dent, please include the dented part in the picture to reduce the chances of buyers returning items due to inaccurate product detail on the website.

The other form of promotion is with social media. this is the easiest, cheapest, and most commongly used promotion platform. El-Cuzupa Marketing has made it possible for sellers to add their store or business social media page to their store on our website. This makes it possible for buyers who are either brand loyal or store loyal to see and follow your updates, share and recommend to friends. Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. are great advertising ground among the social media platforms. Lastly, blogging about your store is a great way to connect with other sellers and buyers.

Buyers feedback

Customer feedback is what El-Cuzupa Marketing uses to evaluate sellers performance, attitude, etc. It is important to know that sellers who receive a lot of negative feedbacks from buyers stand lesser chance of making better sales. Positive feedback is a gateway to gaining new buyers trust because they have no idea who you are in person.

El-Cuzupa Marketing may sometimes remove negative feedbacks given by buyers when we feel the need to. However, our disciplinary team will be in contact with sellers with lots of negative feedbacks to resolve the issues they’re having with most buyers.  We may not allow sellers to give negative feedbacks to buyers.

Why Everyone Should Sell Using El-Cuzupa Marketing  

We protect our sellers 

El-Cuzupa Marketing have incorporated the use of secured socket locker (SSL), a third party website protection service to secure the information on this website.
El-Cuzupa Marketing has a good transaction monitoring system that secures and watches over every transaction[s] carried out on this website. El-Cuzupa Marketing as a company assure sellers to sell with confidence despite the fact that in every community, (both online and offline) always have one or two rule violators. Our seller security team along with our disciplinary team work hand in hand to protect, (and investigate were necessary) all transaction on this website and sanction customers that violate any of our company policies or site user agreement.

El-Cuzupa Marketing security team keep watching over suspected transaction until we feel confident enough to set back. We are committed to helping every seller succeed here to the point were we take special time to review what buyers and other customers talk about our web services and feedbacks given to El-Cuzupa Marketing sellers, then we make amendment were necessary to keep everyone dealing with us either directly or indirectly happy while shopping with us.

El-Cuzupa Marketing also support sellers by creating, and updating courses offered by the El- Selling Academy to help everyone selling with us achieve success in their El-Cuzupa Marketing business. We recommend sellers take the rest of the courses designed by El-Selling Academy to improve their selling skills.

Lastly, signing up for a seller webinar will be a great way to access our latest news on selling trends, tools, and also get to know the latest technological features we acquired to improve selling experience in el-cuzupamarketing.com.

We Make buying easy

The world is swiftly changing. Most people have changed their buying pattern from offline to online. This is because offline places a lot of restrictions on the amount, quality, and quantity of product someone can buy depending on product availability. With online market place, a buyer in the United states can buy from a seller in the United Kingdom in a minute and receive his or her purchased item within a day to two weeks.

Better means of transportation has made it possible for people to Emigrate from one geographical location to another (usually countries). Buyers know where to locate the items they are used to from their native land without having to leave their house. We are dedicated to bringing the comfort of home to everyone living in a foreign land.  

El-Cuzupa Marketing offers buyer protection and seller protection to protect El-Cuzupa Marketing service users. El-Cuzupa Marketing has provided our buyers the luxury of using our Gift Cards & El-Cuzupa Rewards Card to shop and also give to friends and families because it gives them shopping points and air miles points each time they make purchase on el-cuzupamarketing.com
The El-Selling Academy team has made selling at El-Cuzupa Marketing easy through the enormous support it provides to sellers on this website. Regardless of the quantity of items you have, there’s always a room for your items and also depending on the El-Cuzupa Store type a seller subscribe for, we may not charge right away although we may require you to add your payment information on file.
El-Cuzupa Marketing charge less and create an atmosphere for sellers to gain selling access to millions of product users across the globe.



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