Copy Rights Claim
If “you” as an individual[s] or company believe that El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. have duplicated your work and as a result violated your property ownership right, Please submit  the following documents for our legal department for review to the designated address below or to by email.

A physical  signature of the person authorized to act in place of the owner or owners (if more than one person) of the property right allegedly infringed or an electronic copy of signature.
A detailed description of the copyrighted work and  the location of the infringed material posted on El-cuzupa Marketing Inc. website for easy access.
“Your” phone number[s], [both] email address, and [both] home/ office address
A statement from you with conviction that the alleged copyright is not authorized by the copyright owner[s], law, or an agent
A statement by “you” the complaint  made under penalty of perjury, that the acclaimed information is precise and you are the copyright owner[s] or individual authorized to act in place of the owner[s].

El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. designated copyright agent contact below

Copyright Agent
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. Canada Legal department
600, 105-21st St E, Saskatoon, SK
Phone 306 715 5189
Fax  306 715 5199
Email: c
Attn: Legal Department