Cookies & Web beacons
El-Cuzupa Marketing uses web beacons and cookies to save user browsing information each time a user visit El-Cuzupa Marketing website to make shopping fun and user friendly for customers who frequently interact with our website. Also, cookies enable us detect activities not corresponding to our web service policies and site user agreement.

Web beacons, also known as “Web bug” or “clear GIF” are transparent graphic image that El-Cuzupa Marketing occasionally add to this website or in an e-mail that we use to keep track of site user activities.

Cookies are text files that send messages to web browsers through a web server. These cookies some times get into your browser as you visit our website.
It is also important you know that cookies vary and depending on the cookies El-Cuzupa Marketing decide to use, some last for as long as your browser section is active and it’s erased once your browsing session is closed.  This type of cookies helps us know what you are searching for from our website and its called “session cookie” or “transient cookie”.  Also some cookies automatically gets saved on your device during your browsing session and helps us keep track of your browsing actions when switching from one browsing site to another. This cookies are called “persistent cookies”.

Cookies helps us regulate the following:

Advertising: Cookies, web beacons, and pixels help us understand what you care about; making it easy to send adds that may suit your need.
Authentication: This is really important as it helps us deliver to users the right features and experiences each time you log in to your account.

Site Analysis: We take advantage of cookies to understand, research product and improve our overall services.

Performance: Adding to Site analysis,  cookies help us give you the best user experience possible

Security: We are able to detect violators of our site user agreement through cookies and also to keep our website safe for users.
We also use cookies to know the overall performance of our previous advertisements; how customers use our web services in different locations and what there preferences are, when it comes to communication e.g. user preferred language. This information gathered by cookies becomes a huge asset to us when carrying out  product research, service improvement, etc..

Web beacons, cookies, and other web technology like pixels, helps us to send targeted add that will be relevant to you with ease. when we use cookies, we do not compile a list of your activities on a third party site to do anything other than to send you interest based advertising.

Cookies can be managed by you on your browser and also, it will disappear if you frequently turn off your browser.  Users willing to avoid cookies on their website should have in mind that user experience may turn out to be poor. The main essence of us using cookies is to help us channel targeted adds to you and to improve our general website performance.