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Buyer Protection
Buyer Safety
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Buyer  Protection
El-Cuzupa Marketing will give buyers full refund for orders not received at the proposed delivery time except for circumstances beyond our control which must be communicated to buyers.
El-Cuzupa Marketing will give full refund to buyers for orders not delivered by sellers. The essence of this protection is to help buyers shop with confidence.
However, our buyers will have 15 days to return item upon receiving orders that are broken, not matching product description, etc. and the shipping cost will be paid by the seller if an item is to be returned. For buyers returning an item in great condition due to change of buying decision, the shipping fee will be paid by either the seller or buyer depending on the sellers return policy.

For every purchase you make on this website, your payment will be secured with us until you confirm successful item delivery. 
Take advantage of this protection by;
contacting the seller or “us” at if your order isn’t delivered on time or not delivered. You can proceed to open dispute to discuss possible solutions with the seller if the seller refuses to respond to you.  

Buyer Safety Guide
El-Cuzupa Marketing is fully aware of the ongoing cyber crime and as a result want to protect anyone buying from our website the best way we can from potential cyber fraud or identity theft.
Here are some of the key things to do to stay secured as a buyer or user of the services provided by El-Cuzupa Marketing;
We encourage everyone buying from or using our website to create a strong password that contains capital & small letters, numbers, and a symbol that has nothing to do with your name when opening El-Cuzupa Marketing user account. Example “Mr Bush Obamas’ password is Tsa4Ybn7%“.  Also avoid sharing your personal account information with friends, people around when you created your account and try memorizing the password. Report with immediate effect to our support team in a case of suspected account hack and change your password immediately. However, when calling our support team, be prepared to answer the security questions you answered when creating your accounts to prove your authenticity.
Account holders should use reliable anti virus software to protect your computer from virus attack. Avoid opening emails with high virus potential as some of these emails may cause harm to your computer and also put the user in risk of identity theft when someone request for sensitive information like credit card details or your payment receipt.

Lastly, we are faced with the challenge of cyber fraud as mentioned above. We recommend our users take special time to review the product details you are about to buy. Report suspicious items as we do not encourage the selling of stolen items regardless of how cheap the price of the item.

We insist you do not  send money to any seller as we have a system that collects all payments. This means every payment you make is secured with us and El-Cuzupa Marketing will be glad to reimburse your money if a seller refuses to ship the item you paid for with the shipping fee.  

As a buyer from our website, you are eligible to contact our customer support team if your shipment exceeds the anticipated delivery date.

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Returning your item
Each time a buyer purchases from our website, El-Cuzupa Marketing will send the buyer a notification email containing order details. Most items sold on this website can be returned to the seller if the buyer doesn’t like the item purchased or if the item is in poor working condition. Please make sure you read the return policy of the seller to know the time limit sellers allow for return.

Buyers returning an item for reimbursement or exchange must stick to the time limit the seller specifies on his or her return policy. 

This information  with the necessary conditions for sellers to accept returns is contained in the sellers return policy. Example, returning a broken item after successfully been  delivered  in good condition is not acceptable. Broken items  may not be accepted by most sellers while for some sellers the buyer will have to pay the return shipping fee.  
When returning an item, some sellers pay the shipping fees while some sellers expect buyers to pay the shipping expenses when returning items. Buyers returning items because item does not match the sellers description, the seller will pay the shipping fees you paid when you made your purchase and the seller will reimburse you if you need a refund.
Most sellers encourage buyers to request exchange instead of refund; meaning they will give you that exact item from their inventory.

Buyers should have in mind exchange is only acceptable when the returned item is not broken, damaged or wrongly described by seller.
When returning an item, look into the package and fill out the return form that is attached to your order and fill out the reason for returning the item. In the absence of a return form, please print and include the email notification sent to you when you paid for item to proof you purchased the item.

Please contact our support team at if you need help returning your item.

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