How Do I start buying ?
Buying at El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. is as easy as one click. Click and get whatever you want by searching the item you want on the search bar. Review your item if its used or new and check out the sellers review if you want to know more about the seller. Lastly, pay for your item using either Visa card, Master cards, PayPal, cheques, Money order, etc.

Who can use buyer protection ?
Buyer protection is only available to buyers who purchase and pay for items from our website. You can claim your buyer protection when the item does not  match the item description, when a seller sends a fake product to you and when a seller refuses to deliver your item. El-Cuzupa Marketing buyer protection does not cover  credit card fraud, payments made outside our website, and other challenges you face when you do not deal with us directly.

Where is my sellers contact ?
Check the right side of your screen where your item is and click “contact seller” and write your message on the box then click send.

When do sellers reply ?
Most sellers reply right away. Also some sellers only reply during working days and hours with exception to holidays and unanticipated strikes. If the seller is taking too long to reply, feel free to contact our customer support team by phone +1(306) 715-1022 or email at

How can I pay for my orders ?
Buyers can pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, El-Cuzupa Marketing gift Card, El-Cuzupa Marketing Reward Card. We do not accept cash, MoneyGram, Western Union.

Why did my payment fail ?
Buyers payment may decline for reasons like; insufficient funds on  the card, placing wrong security code, card limit exceeded, Verification failure by bank. Please  check your card balance before purchase to avoid  exceeding your card limit.

I Placed an order. Can I change my shipping address ?
El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. prefer you change your address before we ship your item. You can call in to confirm if your order is shipped or not.

Can I change my payment method after payment ?
Yes you can change your payment option only if your invoice is not prepared. Please contact our support team at to confirm your invoice status or by phone.

How does El-Cuzupa Marketing protect my payment ?
We do not  receive your credit card details because we contracted a payment solution company to secure our transactions. Sellers get money when the item paid for has been confirmed successfully delivered.