Why did my account refuse to log me in ?
When a user logs into user account, make sure you use the right username and password. Remember, password can be case sensitive. If you are connected to social media, you can log in through your social media account.

How do I protect my user account ?
Users should use strong passwords when creating account and prevent sharing of account information. To learn more about account protection, please visit our buyer protection or sellers Guide page. 

How do I change my information ?
Go to account setting and update your personal information. Example new phone number, mailing address, payment information, account type etc..

Why can’t I access my account ?
If you can’t access your account, it means your account is currently suspended or terminated in worst case scenario. This only happens when you violate our policies/ user agreement, or when you refuse paying your fee.
However, if your account is suspended, contact our
customer support to know why. If it is due to lack of payment, ask for payment options available. Also if it is suspended due to policy violation, write a letter of appeal to discipline@el-cuzupamarketing.com for our disciplinary team to review.

Can I close my account ?
Definitely, you can.  However, we encourage you to first call our customer support
team before closing your account because once it is closed, you can’t recover your account except you create a new account.