When buyers starts shopping at your store, they check the seller return policy before making payments  for the item. As a seller, adding a return policy that gives buyers a reasonable time limit e.g. 30-50 days to return an item is a major key for most buyers to buy from you. Sellers should have a good return policy that can easily be understood by a 9 years old child and outline the  conditions  required for an item to be returned. Foe example, Franks item return condition include;  item must not be used by buyer, item must not be opened from original package, etc.. 
On the return policy, a seller can include “seller paying  the return shipping fee” to give buyers confidence when buying and always have in mind that about 96% of online buyers do not return items after delivery.

Sellers can also include an outlined guide to safely return the item  on the return policy for buyers returning the item.
Make return policy as brief and explanatory as possible because only few buyers have that luxury of time to read long policies.
For sellers who go with “no return accepted”, make sure your item matches the item description on the page to avoid being subjected to disciplinary action if a buyer reports  the item wrongly described by seller.
Lastly, we permit sellers not to carry out any form of reimbursement until the returned item is  successfully received and meets the conditions you listed on your policy.

Return FAQs

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