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Head Quartered in Toronto, Canada, El-Cuzupa Marketing Inc. popularly known as “Cuzupa” is the world most sought after international product retailer and wholesaler.  With the primary aim of providing Immigrants, Backpackers, International Students, Tourist, etc., cheap and easy access to international products from their home country,  El-Cuzupa Marketing was launched in 2015.
El-Cuzupa Marketing retails & Wholesale international products from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia & Oceania, and the Caribbean. 
El-Cuzupa Marketing creates a marketplace for  easy buying and selling of international products across the globe. 

Our mission is to give immigrants (international students, landed immigrants, refugees, foreign visitors, etc.) cheap and easy access to international products from their home country.



                                                                        Our  Corporate Values

                                    Customers well being first, Profit second ; We value customer satisfaction over profit

Culture; Culture should be passed on from generation to generation regardless of location

Product Access; foreigners should feel the comfort of home (country of origin) regardless of geographical location

Diversity; No ethnicity will be left behind. All ethnicity must go global

                                       Passion; The powerhouse of our day to day achievement

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